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Developer workshop

The developer workshop will start on January 14th and end on January 16th, both start and end time are not fixed but depend on when the participants arrive in Geilenkirchen.

The participation in developer workshop is free-of-charge for persons that are actively involved in one of the participating projects. Nevertheless, informal registration via e-mail to the GUUG-office is neccessary.

If you are involved in another Free Software/Open Source telephony project and are interested in participating, please also contact the GUUG-office

Thanks to our sponsors, we can overtake traveling and accomodation costs up to a certain level, please contact the GUUG-office if you need support.

Companies that are interested in supporting us, please read this.

Agenda of the workshop

Friday and Sunday, we don't predetermine an agenda for the workshop - that's up to the partipicants themselves. They can code, write documentation :-), discuss in your project, discuss with other projects, make a small developer conference - all these issues will be discussed in a mailing-list.

For Sunday, we are planning a interconnectivity tests of all participating projects.

Participating projects so far (in alphabetical order):

We thank our sponsors
Open Source Centrum Europe Sangoma Junghanns.NET GmbH
CSB-System AG DENIC eG Linux Magazin
Frühjahrsfachgespräch 2018
28. Februar bis 2. März 2018 an der Universität Leipzig
20.Januar 2019
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